Public Consultation

EMIC Corp. strives to provide an effective public communication process that involves more than consultation with affected stakeholders. Our ability to conduct effective long-term stakeholder relations is an essential service to ensure our clients are meeting and/or exceeding all required Regulatory requirements. EMIC Corp. is able to assist our clients with Public Consultation when:

  • Planning a new project;
  • Changes in business activity warrants a Public Consultation Program;
  • Operating in a new area;
  • Developing an emergency response plan;
  • Required by Regulatory compliance.

EMIC Corp.’s Public Consultation Team consists of individuals working from both the Red Deer office, for telephone consultations, and in the field for face to face visits. During field data collection, our consultants utilize dual band Bluetooth enabled GPS receivers along with truck mounted laptops to make edits directly within the geodatabase. This process utilizes GIS data and links it to the resident database for absolute accuracy in the event of an emergency.

All field consultants have an extensive background in Law Enforcement, Fire and the Oil & Gas Industry. They are able to address diversity, understand cultural differences, and play a critical role in:

  • Ensuring consistency in company messages from one stakeholder to another;
  • Raising awareness of key Emergency Response information with members of the public identified in Emergency Planning Zone’s (EPZ);
  • Provide Opportunities for information exchange and education about client’s pipeline or facility Emergency Preparedness Programs;
  • Familiarizing stakeholders with a brief overview of clients operations, potential emergencies and hazards associated with the pipeline, wells, orĀ facilities and corresponding public protection measures for evacuation, sheltering, and ignition;
  • Establishing and improving relations with impacted stakeholders to maintain positive attitudes about our clients operations; and,
  • Assisting our clients to build a positive and meaningful foundation for working with stakeholders to resolve problems and reach common groundsĀ for existing or future operations/projects.