Emergency Response Planning

Customised Emergency Response Plans can be provided in a variety of formats. The development phase of Emergency Response Planning is to ensure all plans meet or exceed Government regulations. ERP’s can be developed in full-size hardcopies, online plans, mini-plans and CD or USB’s.

EMIC’s ERP distribution management system assists our customers to manage their plans and provide an excellent tool for auditing purposes. All activity related to the updating and roll-out or discontinuation is tracked. Services provided for Emergency Response Planning include:

  • Assess emergency, management programs, plans and procedures to ensure best practices and meeting all regulatory compliances; provide on-going plan and program evaluations ; conduct Gap Analysis of Emergency Response Plans
  • Preparation and customized development of Emergency Response Plans – Corporate, facilities, sour and production operations, and HVP pipeline operations
  • Preparation of public awareness programs
  • Resident / Landowner / Stakeholder consultation and notifications program
  • Development of information packages, this includes graphic designs for brochures, etc.
  • Development of all related emergency response planning maps
  • Emergency Operation Centre Evaluations / Assessment and recommendations for improvements
  • Fully qualified and trained personnel to support as a shadow to customer responder positions
  • Mapping – functional and paper
  • GIS/GPS services
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Assist with Public Hearings
  • Preparation of exhibits and other related materials
  • Technical support